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Whether you need to boost your water pressure, supply water to your household, water your garden, irrigate your crops, or tend your livestock, Franklin Electric has the right pumping system for the job.

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High Head Submersible Effluent Pumps are used to pump treated effluent or wastewater from an aerobic treatment system to a spray irrigation or sprinkler system, drip irrigation system, mound system, or any other high pressure secondary treatment system.

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franklin pumps2Franklin Electric VersaJet Jet Pumps

  • Have an Impeller with stainless steel insert, diffuser, jet nozzle, and venturi are all molded with Modified PPO.
  • Heavy-duty cast iron case ensures optimum durability and long life. 
  • Floating stainless steel eye seal for maximum performance and efficiency. 
  • Powered by high quality, industry proven, UL 778 approved indoor/outdoor square flange motors.
  • Revolutionary “Quick-Change” jet nozzle replacement system allows easy customization of the pump.
  • Performance can be changed quickly from a high pressure to a high flow set-up without removing the plumbing or opening the case.
  • Dual voltage motor can be set to run at either 115 V or 230 V.
  • Pressure switch is installed and set at 30/50 PSI.
  • Built-in drain plug for easy winterizing and servicing.
  • Handles water temperatures up to 120 °F/49 °C and shut-off pressures up to 90 psi.
  • 1" NPT discharge, 1-1/4" NPT suction.
  • UL 778 approved for indoor or outdoor use.

In Ottawa Franklin Electric Pumps are available from Priority Pump

Franklin Electric authorized dealer, world's largest manufacturer of submersible electronic motors, pumps and control boxes.

Franklin's line of products include the

  • constant pressure systems
  • MonoDrive and SubDrive Series
  • Submersible pumps
  • Jet pump systems
  • Magnetic drive pumps
  • Garden pumps
  • and a wide variety of utility pumps.

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