Submersible Well Pumps

Most deep wells function by means of a submersible pump

submersible pump tall

Submersible pumps push water to the surface in contrast to a jet pump which would pull or suck, the water to the surface.

Submersible pumps are far below the surface near the water source while a jet pump is at the surface pulling water out of the well.

Plumbing within a home or other type of building would connect to your storage tank and allow you to have free-flowing water for your use.

Submersible pumps are most often found in deep wells, they are long-lasting, and are more efficient than their jet pump counterparts.


Submersible well pumps will run for years, but at some point, you may notice certain issues which may mean you need a water well pump service.

  • Discoloured Water
  • Low Water Pressure
  • Spurting Water
  • Water Odour changes
  • Higher than normal Hydro bills


Since the submersible pump is far underground, it can be difficult or even dangerous to address any concerns or repairs. 

If you think you need your well pump checked, it is best to contact Priority Pump Service, your trusted local serviceman.

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