Shallow / Deep Well Jet Pump Service

Shallow wells are usually up to 25 feet deep

berkely jetJet pumps are an excellent choice for pumping water from your shallow well.

Shallow well repair parts for your jet pump or accessories are available from Priority Pump Service.

Deep Well Jet Pumps

cottage water packages

Deep well jet pumps are often used in wells between 25 and 100 feet in depth.

Major brands in pumps and pump systems

Priority Pump Service stocks most common pump parts, and can order directly through the manufacturer for you if needed.

Priority Pump Service offers a wide range of services, from sales to installations and repairs and our high performance pumps are known for their effective 

When you choose the pump pros at Priority Pump Service you can count on:

  • Experienced and knowledgeable pump specialists
  • The right pump for your needs at the right price
  • Expert technicians to repair and maintain your pump and pump system
  • 24-hour emergency response available

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